Services Offered By Behavioral Health Specialists

Going to the doctor can be a challenge for most people.  When going to a doctor most doctors will focus on a general practice in order to maximize the number of patients they can see.  However, a doctor that works in behavioral health services san marcos can work in a wide range of medicines and really specialize in a specific area of medicine.  Here is a list of different areas a specialist can work in.


Depression is an ever growing condition in the United States and across the world in general.  Depression can be caused by a wide range of situations from mental illness, life events and medications.


Another form of treatment that can be worked with is anxiety.  A lot of people are becoming anxious over many things in life.  This can be stress over work, health issues, family issues and more.  When we are anxious, we tend to withdraw from the world and focus on specific tasks and actions.

Anger issues

In life we will become angry over a lot of different situations.  This can be from being picked on from a bully, not getting your way at home or school and many more.  When we are angry we tend to lash out and do things that will get us some attention.  If this condition is not kept in check it can escalate into more violent incidents.

Eating Disorders

Eating Disorders are tied to self-esteem.  When we are younger in life we are typically shamed saying that we are too fat or not worthy to be loved.  When this happens, we will tend to use food as an excuse.  With eating disorders these can lead to major health issues later in life if not addressed.

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These are just some of the conditions that can be dealt with when working in behavioral health.